Providing excellent excavating services in Wagga Wagga

Complete services and an experienced team

Kennedy Bros Earthmoving in Wagga Wagga has been involved with a significant number of excavating projects over the years. Our earthmoving contractors have built pools and dams, cleared land, and handled earthmoving for high-profile commercial construction projects.

Our clients indicate a significant level of satisfaction with our reliability and efficiency, and with our ability to work seamlessly with other contractors and project management.

We work to your timelines, and always stay on budget. 


Earthmoving contractor on location in Wagga Wagga

Kennedy Bros Earthmoving is your first-choice for excavating services in Wagga Wagga. We offer a complete range of domestic excavation services, and are the team to call for:

  • Home construction
  • Landscaping
  • Pools
  • Other residential services

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or if you'd like to arrange an estimate. 


Commercial building construction

Along with our domestic excavating services, Kennedy Bros Earthmoving is often the earthmoving contractor for larger commercial projects. We can handle long-term projects and more intensive jobs such as:

  • Large-scale property developments
  • Commercial building construction
  • Land-clearing for councils or business

Whatever your project, we can design an approach that is effective, safe, on-budget, and that suits you and your other contractors. 

Eco-friendly disposal

Eco-friendly disposal

Kennedy Bros Earthmoving's bobcats, excavators, and tipper trucks are perfect for all types of disposal. Whether you're clearing land, demolishing an existing building, or simply require disposal, we can clear away your worksite in no time at all. 

We ensure that all recyclable materials are dealt with appropriately, and practice completely environmentally sound techniques. Taking care of the environment is a priority for our Wagga Wagga-based team.